As a small business owner you know how difficult it is to find honest and dependable technology support. Sometimes it is even a challenge to know what questions to ask regarding your computer and technology challenges. That is why it is our goal is to assit your business in finding and implimenting technology solutions to meet your specific businesses needs. Further, our job is not complete once a new system is implemented. Much like your vehicle, computer systems need consistant maintanence and it can be difficult to manage the "when" and "what" of system maintenance; we will do it for you.  Think of us like a technology mediator for your business.  
It is our passion to provide affordable solutions to make operating your business more efficient and profitable.

Therefore, personal service is a priority to us, we generally serve small businesses with less than 25 employees. Further, we will not take on more clients than we can offer a high level of service to.

We can assist with most technology that a small business would have use of.
Most commonly we assist small businesses with their computer systems (including servers), networks, and websites. Even so, Versatility is a virtue we attain to. If there is a technology need that we are not familiar with we will either learn it or help you find someone who can assist you.

For example, if you are considering upgrading or replacing some or all of your computer systems, we will:
  • familiarize ourselves with your specific business (keeping in mind your future growth)
  • recommend both hardware and software solutions that are appropriate to your business (both for now and for the future)
  • assist in the configuring and purchasing of systems
  • coordinate the setup and implimentation of new computer systems including necessary network setup
  • follow up at regular intervals to ensure that you are getting the most out of your computer systems